Invited Speakers


Plenary Speakers

Nancy Turner
University of Victoria

“From Fishing to Feasting: the Cultural Importance of Marine Algae and Marine Plants for Northwest Coast Indigenous Peoples"
Thomas Wernberg
University of Western Australia

"Flattening of global kelp forests: tales of turf, temperature and tropical herbivores"
Fabrice Not
CNRS, Station Biologique de Roscoff

"Photosymbiosis in the ocean”
Thomas Richards
University of Exeter

“Three perspectives on gene transfer in the eukaryotes

ISOP Past President’s Address

John Dolan

"Protists of the Mesopelagic and a Bit on the Long Path to the Deep Sea”

Symposium Speakers


PSA Presidential Symposium: Macroalgal Legacy of the Pacific Northwest

Louis Druehl
Simon Fraser University

"One student-of-seaweed's journey with frequent departures from relevance from West Beach, Whidbey Island to Bamfield and octogenerian-ship: Scagelean adventures and a marine station"
Gayle Hansen
Oregon State University

"Early west coast marine laboratories: Josephine Tilden and the Minnesota Seaside Station"
Sandra Lindstrom
University of British Columbia

"Ramblings of an itinerant phycologist in a post-glacial landscape"
Mike Hawkes
University of British Columbia

"Heroes in the seaweed and other events in the phycological exploration of Vancouver's Island and beyond"


Kelp forests in flux

Jane Watson
Vancouver Island University

"Long-term variation in kelp-forest community structure off the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada"
Matt Edwards
San Diego State University

"Changes in benthic diversity and ecosystem production following widespread kelp loss in the Aleutian Archipelago"
Cathy Pfister
University of Chicago

"Kelp forests in the northeast Pacific: their dynamics and function in a changing climate"
Kira Krumhansl
Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy

"Global patterns of kelp forest change over the past half century"


From Pharm to Table: Frontiers in Applied Phycology (Prof. Milton Sommerfeld Memorial Symposium)

Stephen O’Leary
National Research Council Canada

“NRC’s Algal Carbon Conversion Program - converting CO2 and other industrial waste streams into valuable bioproducts”
Vanya Ewart
Dalhousie University

"Turning the tide on protein misfolding diseases: can seaweeds help?"

Balakrishnan Prithiviraj
Dalhousie University

"Seaweeds as Plant Biostimulants: Chemical Components and Mechanisms of Action"
Charles Yarish
University of Connecticut

"Opportunities, challenges and future directions of open water seaweed aquaculture in Northeast America for ecosystem services, food, feeds and biofuels"


Origins and early evolution of eukaryotes

Organizers:Laura Eme and Courtney Stairs
Uppsala University, Sweden
Maureen O’Malley
University of Sydney

"LECA Concepts and their Implications for Evolutionary Understanding"
Purificación López-García
CNRS & Université Paris-Sud

"Eukaryogenesis: Patterns and Processes"
Laura Eme
Uppsala University

"Novel Asgard archaea and the deep roots of eukaryotes"
Bill Wickstead
University of Nottingham

"'Reconstructing the cell biology of LECA"


Protist responses to environmental stress: resilience to climatic changes?

Organizers:Maria Cristina Angelici
Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy
Sandra Pucciarelli*, Patrizia Ballarini, Kesava Priyan Ramasamy, Matteo Mozzicafreddo, Cristina Miceli
*School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine, University of Camerino, Italy

"Resilience and Adaptation to Extreme Environments: The Special Case of Euplotes focardii, a Strictly Psychrophilic Antarctic Ciliate"
Anush Kosakyan*, Enrique Lara
* Institute of Parasitology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

"Insights to Testate Amoebae Response to Environmental Stress"
Maria Cristina Angelici*, Chiara Nardis, Panagiotis Karins
*Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy

"Protists Responses to Climatic Changes Focusing on Waterborne Pathogenic Protozoa"
Panagiotis Karanis
Medical School, University of Cologne, Germany

“Giardia and Cryptosporidium parasites response to climatic changes in water environment”